Healing Springs Acupuncture

Tamme Rae Marggraf, MAc, LAc
     Berkeley Springs, WV        

       Ancient Healing
      in Modern Times

Tamme's acupuncture includes an extensive knowledge and experience of the ancient psycho-spiritual tradition of the Five Elements as well as the most successful pain relief techniques practiced in modern acupuncture.
Evidence of life from 640,000,000 years ago lies scattered in the hills around
Healing Springs Acupuncture.
ANCIENT because
the Healing Arts have existed   for thousands of years
MODERN because
only the most recent science can explain "Energy Medicine"

and are based on science as well as intuition. The practice of the Healing Arts was often connected to the philosophical beliefs of its culture like the Five Elements that came from ancient China. These older, prescientific forms of medicine are used today to complement modern western medicine. The Healing Arts continue to grow in popularity because of their safe and effective practices with the major side effects being calm and relaxation. If it is not safe or effective, it is probably “quackery” or maybe even prescribed and should not be considered a Healing Art.
which is the basis for many of the Healing Arts. These ancient methods of healing are best explained by laws of Physics that study the behavior of electro-magnetic fields. Newtonian science relies upon measurements of chemical and/or structural changes and has yielded great success in allopathic medicine. However, the new science and new medicine of Quantum Physics acknowledges some invisible guidance to the visible world.



Body/Mind/Spirit Symptoms
Acupuncture is a holistic medicine and treats the body, mind and spirit as one energetic system with different symptoms appearing at different levels or vibrations:
experience of physical pain or “dis-ease,

feelings of emotional distress and/or mental constraints,

seeming separated from a  higher purpose or understanding.